Jayna Orthodontic & Dental Centre

Smile architects since 1910

Are you conscious of your smile????

If yes......Welcome to our practice! We have packed all the magic and wonder of creating a beautiful smile into this site. We at the Orthodontic and Dental Centre are glad to advice you regarding your oral and dental health. 

Our goal is to provide the best possible treatment, with the least possible discomfort. To achieve this goal we are supported by an able and highly qualified professional team and state of art equipment. 

We want your experience with us to be pleasant and rewarding and this would involve a lot of hard work on our part and responsibility and awareness on your part. So take a look around to know more about our practice and how it could benefit you, your family members and friends.

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Our service to mankind in this field spans 4 generations, over nearly 100 years. Our humble beginning was from the JAYNA DENTAL CLINIC in Chandni Chowk in 1910....More

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With the expansive experience being passed for Four Generations we are there to help you for all your dental needs....More

Treatment Provided

We have Specialist catering to all dental problems

-Orthodontics (Braces Specialist)

-Prosthodontics (Implants, Bridges & Dentures)

-Oral Surgery (Extractions & TM Joint Problems)

-Periodontics (Gums Specialist)

-Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment Specialist)

-Cosmetic Dentistry